About Us


About Us

From the caves of the neanderthal to the madness of the metaverse, every communication tool was innovated to revolutionize human civilization. Our tiniest existence in this vast universe of communication taught us that no matter how “out of the box” the idea is, it still needs to relate to the masses.

With the dawn of the new millennium, new ideas and tools brought along new opportunities. BOXOFFICE, a media house armed with extensive experience in traditional media communication, adopted new media platforms to expand its expertise in this new reality seizing those new opportunities. Our exploration in today’s ever-expanding communication world presented us with three pathways through which we will define our existence and identity.

Business Growth

As humans, it is in our natural urge to grow. BOXOFFICE always hunts stories that meet the purpose of business growth. And through that, we craft appropriate communication methods and tools to connect with the audience. With 360 communication solution service, our services expand from ATL, BTL, Digital, Public Relations, Event Management, and everything in between.

Social Good

We seek the deeper truth in life. We are on the hunt to discover the root of every story that shapes us, motivates us, and inspires us. Our findings show us our purpose, which is motivated by our cultural truth and anthropological insights. When crafting any story, we are motivated by our heritage, approach human dignity, and are aspired to put our effort into social good.


Finally, we need to nourish our spirits with healthy, feel-good, and occasionally thought-provoking stories. Humans communicate with one another through their ideas, which is a natural tendency. BOXOFFICE searches deep for the deeper truth to challenge, connect thoughts, and inspire others. Our ideas may transport us to different races, countries, and universes. And we've developed a natural talent for conveying unique stories using today's entertainment platforms.




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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted readable


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted readable

Shormila Akter
Project Coordinator

Shormila Akter has been working as a project coordinator at Boxoffice. After graduating from University of Dhaka she started her

Shahida Khan
Assistant Content Producer

Shahida Khan has been working as an Assistant Content Producer at BOXOFFICE. After finishing her higher education at Stamford University,

Sajaan S. Alam
Video Editor

After finishing his three-year post-graduation diploma in performing arts (Film & Theatre) at Malaysia’s Sunway University, Sajaan S. Alam started

Jubair Mahmud
Assistant Content Producer

Jubair Mahmud a student of Media Studies and Journalism in University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. He was involved in digital

Md. Maruf Billah
Content Producer

Md. Maruf Billah completed his post-graduation in Anthropology, at the University of Dhaka. Since his undergrad days, he has been